At EUROCARE, we are ready to offer you and your family members a broad range of services to assist them to remain independent and enjoy living at home. Based on the home care assessment, we provide at no cost to you, we will discuss with you and your family members, a fully customized care plan for your consideration and approval. We will then discuss and coordinate with you each and every detail, taking into account your individual needs and preferences. You can choose whether your caregivers work daily on a come and go basis, or stay in your home 24 hours a day. Your caregivers will help you or your loved ones to maintain daily life activities, including, cleaning, cooking, dressing, supervising medication instructions, assisting with personal hygiene needs, grooming, and related daily living tasks.

We offer complete companionship services similar to activities a family would provide. In fact, over time, many of our families think of their caregivers as a “member” of the family. Your caregiver can be involved as much or as little in the daily routine of your life at home per your desires and needs. If requested, your caregivers can help with the full range of daily living and companionship, including housework, spending time with you watching TV, playing games, assisting you on the computer, reading newspapers, books or magazines to you or with you, discussing the news, eating lunch and other meals together, helping to write letters, solve crossword puzzles, and decorate the house for the holiday and more. Your individualized plan will be designed according to your choices.

Our caregiver candidates are also willing to provide care services for clients with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. They can also help those who have suffered a stroke, who have experienced an orthopedic surgery, or who have needs related to heart disease conditions or diabetes.

To make an appointment with one of our home care managers, please call EUROCARE at 773-545-5100 during regular business hours from 10:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M. Monday through Friday.   

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