EUROCARE places the most qualified Certified Nursing Assistants and LPNs to assist in serving the needs of people who are challenged with any type of Diabetes.

Nearly seven percent of Americans have diabetes, a serious and increasingly common disease that often causes cardiovascular, vision and kidney disease. But while diabetes is not curable, it is controllable. Certainly, good healthcare can prevent life-threatening complications.

Our caregivers are in a position to provide support that may help the person they are caring for manage his or her diabetes and reduce the risk for diabetes-related complications. The support they provide may only be verbal or emotional, or they may be helping their clients to manage their diabetes 24 hours a day.

The goal for people with diabetes is to maintain the blood sugar (glucose) levels recommended by their healthcare provider. Knowing whether levels are in this target range is determined by daily blood sugar monitoring. Since our caregivers deal with day-to-day care, they will likely be involved with this testing, either with the testing procedure or by providing emotional support. It is very important that the blood sugar levels be recorded in a log book or notebook so the person's healthcare team can monitor these recorded levels.

Severe low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) can result in very serious conditions such as coma or death. Our caregivers are aware of the signs and symptoms and how to treat low blood sugar episodes. They know how to identify, treat and reduce the risk of low blood sugar.

As a rule, our caregivers are having a good relationship with the healthcare provider of the person they are caring for. This is very important, especially if an emergency arises. Knowing the doctor's approach to treating your loved one's diabetes can help make our workers more effective as caregivers.

Since our caregivers are living with a person with diabetes, an important part of their role will be helping the person manage their diet in order to keep their blood sugar levels within the range recommended by their healthcare provider. At EUROCARE, our staff will help with dietary management for a person with diabetes by keeping healthy, appropriate foods stocked and providing assistance with meal planning. These healthy foods can contribute to better blood sugar management and help reduce the risk for complications.

At EUROCARE, our caregivers should be considered part of the health care team when dealing with diabetes patients. Our caregivers understand how the disease works and how to use diabetes management tools. They know how to recognize the symptoms of low blood sugar and how to test for it. They know what to do if the blood sugar levels are too high.They know what to look for when inspecting their clients' feet, encourage physical activity and healthy eating, and contact the appropriate health care specialists, if needed.

Forty percent of family caregivers of a person with diabetes say their loved one also experiences memory loss, Alzheimer's or mental confusion, according to a 2009 caregiver survey. In fact, diabetes itself has been tied to mental decline and memory loss. Even with mental decline, our caregivers will look for ways in which they can help your loved one continue to handle some responsibilities. Chances are there are some tasks the patient is capable of handling on his/her own so an experienced caregiver will let the patient function independently, as appropriately.

With caregiver support, people with diabetes can better cope with their condition because they have someone to share the burden of the demands of their disease. Please call EUROCARE to find out how we can help. Call now at 773-545-5100

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